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Discreet Packaging

Subana's packaging is completely discreet. We never declare our company name or the contents inside to couriers. Our outer packagings are plain brown boxes, tubes and jiffy bags (depending on what you order). There is no way that anyone can identify Subana as the sender of the parcel. If at any time we are asked to disclose the content within, we declare ourselves as an artwork company. 

We ship via Royal Mail, so there are no markings on your parcel other than the courier label, which contains only your shipping address. If it is an international parcel, we ensure that the customs declaration never declares the item as anything of a sexual nature.


Small Items - Plain brown jiffy bags or large letter pain brown boxes (through the letter box)

Plain Jiffy Postage Packets


Long Items (e.g. our canes) - Postal Tubes

Plain Brown Postage Tubes


Large Items (multiple items) - Large Brown Boxes


Plain Brown Postage Boxes Discreet Packaging