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A Beginners Guide to Erotic Spanking

What Makes Spanking So Appealing, and to Who?

Why is spanking appealing?

Being one of the most popular kinks out there, erotic spanking is a form of sexual punishment, known to release endorphins or 'happy chemicals', leading to feelings of euphoria.

Who does spanking appeal to? 

Statistically, women are more likely to enjoy being spanked than men. Interestingly, this crosses over into personal pleasure, with Pornhub showing that their female visitors are 160% more interested in content depicting people getting “spanked”, 144% more into “daddy spank” videos and 105% more into “spanking punishment” themed content.

Spanking isn't a new trend, either. It's actually been around from 800 BC - with archaeologists finding paintings depicting women being spanked with a whip, whilst being bent over and holding the hips of men in ancient Italy—the first discovered examples of erotic spanking.

What Are The Different Ways to Spank?

Spanking is one of the more varied forms of kink - with multiple tools and methods available to experiment with. 

 A Beginners Guide to Erotic Spanking

Spanking Paddle  A spanking paddle is a small paddle shaped tool used to strike a person on the bottom. The act of spanking a person with a paddle is known as "paddling". 

Our delicately soft bamboo paddle is the perfect tool to get started with paddling. When spanking, try to avoid focusing on one spot over and over again, and instead, use the paddle to spank a larger area of the bottom. You may also want to massage the skin before and between the spankings to avoid bruising.

During the paddling, try playing with the level of force, particularly if the recipient is blindfolded, as it increases the anticipation and excitement of the unknown.

spanking paddle bamboo erotic

2. Cane 
A cane is a thin rattan tool used to strike a submissive. The act of spanking a person with a cane is known as "caning". Our best selling rattan cane is 60cm in length and 1cm thick, with a comfortable handle.

Caning can leave noticeable marks and bruises if done with enough force, so you may wish to experiment with the intensity. Adding additional sensations also transforms the experience for you both, such as wetting the cane or spraying the bottom with water. A cane hitting wet skin has a completely different feel. We also recommend waiting a few moments between strikes, in order to allow your partners body to continue to absorb the sensation, and to feel the intimacy of the natural rattan materials.

BDSM Spanking Cane by Subana
 In the photo: Subana's Cane 

3. Spanking Crop
Traditionally designed for horse riding, the spanking crop has quickly become a popular spanking tool, after being featured in the 2015 film 50 Shades of Grey. The riding crop is a versatile toy that can be used on the soles of feet, palms of hands and the bottom.

A flogger is usually made with leather or rope tails attached to a long handle, allowing the impact to spread over a wider area. The length of the tails depend on your preference, but they average at around 35 inches long.

Don't Forget About Aftercare
Aftercare can encompasses everything from cuddling, to moisturising and massaging. Essentially, it means taking some time to check in and take care of each other. 
wet steamy naked body


You can explore our spanking tools and more bondage goodies here.


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