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5 Tips for Better Sex


Why is intimacy important?

Intimacy in relationships can have numerous benefits, from improving both confidence and mood, to reducing stress levels and boosting immune function.

What's more, married couples with higher amounts of intimacy and regular sex statistically have a lower divorce rate than those who are less active in the bedroom. So, we know that having dedicated time with your partner can strengthen your bond and improve your overall relationship, but how do you build a sex life that is mutually fun and enjoyable?


1. Understand what they enjoy

Do you both know what turns the other person on, or what your sexual fantasies are? Being vulnerable and sharing your desires can be scary, but by communicating them, it can help to build trust between you and your partner. It also opens the opportunity for you to actually experience the sex you've been fantasising about.

Do you know where your partners erogenous zones are, and do they know yours? Perhaps it's your inner wrist, your earlobe, or even behind your knee. If you're not sure, you could each take turns to explore different parts of each others bodies to learn the favourite spots.

2. Share feedback

Be open to hearing what you both did and maybe didn't enjoy. The best way to do this is to focus on the positive, for example:

  • 'I loved it when you did this, can you do that more?'
  • 'I'd really love you to try this next time.'
  • 'This didn't feel that great for me, I would really enjoy this instead.'

    Have Sex First

    We've all been there - you schedule in a date night, expecting the evening to consist of a romantic dinner, drinks and then staying up to make love. But instead what happens is that you overeat at dinner, have one too many drinks, then come home and slump onto the couch with a bloated belly and spinning head, before dozing off. 

    Alternatively, many couples swear by having sex before date night even begins. This way, it can take all the pressure off of how much you eat and drink, or even how late you're staying up because you've already connected with your partner. It can also put you both in a good mood before heading off for the night.

    Introduce New Things

    As you relax into a relationship, routines can start to set in, and things in the bedroom can become quite predictable. Why not switch things up a little bit?

    1. Try new positions 

    The Kama Sutra is a great place to turn for inspiration, with over 64 sexual positions. You could even make it fun by using our Karma Sutra card deck and play a game like snap, trying the positions you land on.

    2. Try light bondage 

    Blindfolding or tying your partner up can heighten their senses and overall pleasure. If you're not sure where to start, you can explore a starter kit which mixes both impact and restraint play.

    Bondage is one of the most popular of kinks amongst couples, with a 2017 study finding that around 1 in 5 Americans have engaged in some form of bondage. So if it's totally new to you, try to approach it with an open mind.

    3. Leave the bedroom

    Have you ever been excited by the idea of having sex in potentially risky or unusual locations? If so, your sex language is probably 'fun'. Think late nights in the office, bathroom cubicles, the back seats of a car, dare we go on? 

    Leaving the bedroom can encourage a healthy dose of excitement into your relationship, and whilst switching up your routine, it also prompts you to try new positions.

    couple kissing outdoors

    Build It Up

    Have you seen the recent TikTok trend of women being turned on by their husbands doing housework? It's a great example of how building up sexual energy doesn't have to start at traditional foreplay, it can gradually be increased throughout the day.

    Whether it's cooking your partners favourite meal, running a bath, lighting candles, opening a bottle of wine or gently playing with their hair whilst you watch a movie, it all counts.

    Play A Game

    Foreplay can come in many shapes and sizes, and one that you may not have tried before is playing a game. Just like Kama Sutra Snap, you can explore other pulse raising games with your other half, like:

    • Strip Poker - The loser in a hand is required to remove a piece of clothing as a forfeit
    • Naked Twister - Both of you begin naked and soon become tangled into each others bodies. You can add a 'twist' by making each other take a shot if you stumble or slip on the mat
    • Guess What This Is - Where you blindfold each other and ask them to guess what they're feeling with their fingers or tongue 
    • Truth or Dare - The classic game but with dirty questions and dares only
    • Sex Dice - Also referred to as adult dice, is a dice that instructs you and your partner on which acts of foreplay to do


    Interested in learning more about improving your sex life? Explore our range of advice articles - from seductive bedroom playlists to exploring your sex language.

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