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10 Sex Songs to Add to Your Bedroom Playlist

Don't risk ruining the mood. Our list is better than pressing "shuffle" and hoping for the best.  

1. Black Acres - Elysian Fields 

The alluringly sexual tone of this track is idyllic during foreplay.


2. Glory Box - Portishead 

This track is famously known for its James Bond aura - the perfect song to seduce to.


3. I Feel Like I'm Drowning - Two Feet 

This one gives us Fifty Shades energy - definitely one to put on during bondage play.

4. Affection - Cigarettes After Sex  

We're undecided whether this is better played during passionate sex or pillow talk. 

 5. Twisted - Two Feet

 A suspenseful and passionate three minutes. 


 6. Easily - Bruno Major

This is more of a warm and romantic one, better for 'making love' in a candlelit bedroom.

7. Tell Me - Ryli

We're besotted by the opening lines "show me how you touch it, show me how you kiss it."

8. Ache - FKA Twigs 

The opening line of "I'll come when you ask me" is just the beginning of the subtly seductive nature of this track.

 9. Earned It - The Weeknd

Predictable, we know. But we couldn't help it.


10. Show Me - Alina Baraz & Galimatias 

Finishing off our list with this 'touch me with no hands, only with your eyes' energy.



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