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The 5 Sex Languages and What They Mean

We've all heard of the 5 Love Languages - Words of Affirmation, Quality Time, Physical Touch, Acts of Service, and Receiving Gifts. But what about the languages of the bedroom? After all, sexual compatibility and intimacy (we believe) is key to a healthy relationship with your romantic partner.

To build and sustain a happy relationship is to ensure you communicate what you desire and appreciate from the other person. As individuals, you'll have a preference of how you display and receive love. This is famously known as a love language. You can find out yours online quite easily through a quick quiz.

The 5 Sex Languages are slightly different. They consist of Fun, Desire, Pleasure, Patience, and Acceptance/Celebration. These 5 languages focus on sexual preferences and turn ons. Ever notice how some people prefer to plan intimate and slow sex, with massages before and cuddles after; but others prefer to have impulsive and spontaneous sex, with less focus on the build up or intimacy? 


1. Fun 

The fun sex language relates to spontaneity and excitement, such as sex in potentially risky or unusual locations. Think late nights in the office, bathroom cubicles, the back seats of a car, dare we go on? 

If you or your partner identify with the fun sex language, and enjoy sex the most when it's unplanned and in the moment, then prioritise looking for opportunities to be spontaneous or act on impulse. For instance, if you are out for a long walk or hike with your partner, why not pull them into quiet place on the trail?

2. Desire

The desire language is for those who enjoy being chased and sexually desired. They want to feel pursued and wanted by their partner. Those who have a desire sex language may also enjoy their other half taking time and putting in effort to plan their sexual encounter.

 3. Pleasure

If your sex language is pleasure, you may enjoy learning how to please your other half. If you've ever found yourself curious to know what positions or acts are your partners favourite, then this could be your sex language.

This sex language will make you want to explore and experiment with what pleasures your partner most during sex.


4. Patience

This one is in the name. The patience sex language is for those who enjoy slowing it down. This person may enjoy intimate massages and gentleness before, during and after sex.

This love language prefers gentle, slow and intimate love making, rather than rough or fast sex. 


5. Acceptance/Celebration

On to our final sex language, for those who want to know you accept and celebrate all of who they are.

During every phase of sex, they desire you to appreciate them, and not just their body, but all of them. Being valued makes sex more satisfying for an individual with an acceptance/celebration sex language.


Thank you for reading!

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