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Large Bamboo Spanking Paddle

£5.99 £12.99

 ✔ Natural bamboo, with a soft cotton handle to place around your wrist or to hang your paddle up between sessions.

✔ 35cm long and 7.9cm wide.

✔ Firmly shaped, for a sensual paddling.

✔ Bamboo helps to reduce environmental pollution because its plants reduce up to 35% carbon dioxide in the climate, and delivers more oxygen.

✔ Beautifully packaged in black silky ribbon, perfect to gift to your other half.

The spanking paddle can be used on the recipient's bottom and back of the thighs. The act of striking a person with a paddle is known as "paddling". 

Learn more about the materials Subana use to make our toys here.

Discreet packaging and FREE UK delivery.

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