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Christmas Gift Ideas For Your Other Half

It's that time of year again... not sure what to buy your other half for Christmas? 

Maybe you've only just started dating and December has rolled around far too quickly for you to know what to gift them; or perhaps you've been together for years. Here is our list of holiday present ideas you'll secretly both enjoy as a couple.


An Experience Day

Experience days are a perfect way to spend quality time together through a memorable and unique activity. Our favourite couples experience day is a relaxing Spa Day (or weekend!) for two. 

Imagine the uninterrupted pampering time together, where you can leave your phone behind and focus on de-stressing and enjoying each others company. 

spa experience day gift for couples


A Bubble Bath Hamper 

Why not build a personalised hamper for them? Think candles, champagne, a bath bomb, a playlist, and maybe a silky-when-wet glass toy (or two). 

Hampers are a perfect way to add a personal touch to the gift, too. You can even slip in some face masks, body butter, or even some of their favourite treats.

bubble bath couples romantic experience gift


A Better Sex Kit

Try something new in the bedroom with our Better Sex Kit, which includes soft cotton bondage rope, a silky blindfold and fun Kama Sutra cards to get inspired.

Start the new year by becoming more intimate with each other and begin enjoying better orgasms together. 

subana sex toys better sex uk store


 A Record Player

 A record player is a memorable present your partner will be able to enjoy using for years to come, especially if they're a music lover.

A great thing about buying a record player as a gift is that you can keep on gifting their favourite vinyls for Birthdays, Valentines Day, and other special occasions. You'll never run out of gift ideas!

record player as a gift


A Photo Book 

A very personal gift is a custom photo book of your memories together. Perhaps from the very first time you met, to the trips you've been on, and everything in between.

Whether you print the photographs out or order a custom printed photo book, you can fill it with photos together that you don't have to share with the world. It's a personal and unique gift that they'll be able to keep and enjoy looking back on.

Finally, a little hack - FreePrints is an app that lets you print your photographs from your phone for free, you just have to pay postage.

photo book gift for boyfriend or girlfriend subana



Luxurious lingerie can be a sweet and flirty gift to your person, that you can both enjoy.

Don't forget to know her size, the style she likes, and most importantly, a gift receipt! If she wants to change the size, fit or design, she'll be able to.

 woman in lingerie underwear subana

Lingerie featured Green Floral Lingerie Set by Subana



Candles are a great gift idea for your other half to use and display in their home to remember you. They're also something you can both enjoy as they create a peaceful and romantic atmosphere in any room.

You can make your candle gift personal by choosing your persons favourite scents or even personalising the engraving on the glass.

candle as a christmas gift for her subana


Let us know of any romantic gifts we've forgotten down below in the comments.

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